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Welcome to Changing Facades!

This is a community tailored to Snape/Lupin fics of the Second War and Beyond era. For clarification, 2nd War is everything from Philosopher's Stone through the current canon. Beyond... well, beyond are our Post-War fics. With the last book about to come out, this community will focus on canon. We welcome fluff (within the bounds of canon) to darkfic and everything in between.

The fics and art posted in the community must include Snape/Lupin as one of the pairings. Threesomes (and moresomes) are allowed, so long as Snape and Lupin are involved somehow.

Every community has to have them. But there aren't many so if you follow them, everyone will get along fine!

[1] This community is for the posting of fanfiction, fanart and any other general comments/meta on the Snupin ship itself -- dealing with the Second War and After. Icons are also love too. Just remember your LJ-cut.

[2] The following will not be accepted in the community and deleted if seen, no questions asked.
- Community Promotions (unless specifically Snape/Lupin)
- RPG Ads (go to any number of the RPG communities for them. hprpgsearch or playersresource for that)
- Quizzes
- Fic that does not have Snape/Lupin as one of the pairings.

[3] Absolutely no flaming. This is a big one and I cannot stress it enough. I do not want to have to pull my mod hat out often, but I will not stand for open flaming. People have different views on the ship and that's fine. To get along, we go along.

[4] When posting fic or art, please remember all applicable warnings. Kinks are welcome (and encouraged!), but please warn for them.

[5] Similarly, all NWS images should be behind a LJ-cut. Fic should always go behind a LJ-cut. The fic/art does not need to be hosted on the community and linking back to your own journal is always allowed!

[6] Please, before posting your fic, have it read through by a beta. Some errors do occur but no one wants to read a fic starring Remis Lapin and Severis Snipe. If you need a beta, check out hp_betas.

All fic and Art should be posted using the following headers:

Word Count/Medium:
Challenge: (if applicable)
Warnings: (if any)
Author Notes: (if any)

All entries will be tagged by rating, author and pairings.

[+] Challenges will be posted weekly. They'll feature either a theme or a word which must be incorporated into the fic or art.

[+] If you can't write fast enough in the week, that's fine! (I know I can't all the time.) Challenges go through the entire month. So at the most, we'll have 4 challenges going on!

[+] Some challenges may include the bonus addition of a time element. See what you can write in 15 minutes!

[+] The community will feature a weekly rec post, The Friday Five. Five outstanding fics or art pieces posted during the week. See something that really stood out? Send the mod an email!

This community is moderated by thescarletwoman and all questions/comments/concerns should be addressed to her.

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